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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Master Bathroom finishing touch

This month, the master bathroom and the work needed to put the finial
touches on it, came to the top of the list. Janie had struggled with what
it was going to look like. It's "Theme" if you will.
Our half bath is all about water spigots, the up stairs bath is all about
door knobs. (I'll show that some day.)

The thing that was holding up the decorating was this stained glass
over the "loo". This view is from the foyer, with the pottie just
on the other side.

The one thing she wanted from the start was a cabinet over the sink.
I had put up a mirror after she finished painting the bathroom, just
as a place holder until this project came to the top of the list.
So, last week I bought some nice clear pine and commenced to building.

Once that was finished and hung, Janie proposed framing several
little pieces of antique quilts she has had for years and years.
She wanted them framed with the same cedar wood as the
trim in the bathroom. There are 6 of'em.

So this was to be the theme, Quilts and more Quilts.
Janie already had a stack of them on the linen storage
cabinet anyway, and I thought it was an outstanding idea.

The patchwork mimics the stained glass. (There's a pane of
frosted glass added to this side of the window so it can't
be seen through.)

It also goes well with the quilt looking rugs and shower curtain.

The last thing to do was to paint the outside of the tub.
We had the inside re-finished in the Fall but the outside was
still white and needed to be toned down a bit.
Now it matches the color of both cabinets.

Up next? the kitchen island and more storage space !

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wife, Daughters, and other wildlife

As Winter sets in, we find ourselves with little to do but sit in
the house and wish for day light. It's dark by 5:30 now and the
hours we would spend outside doing things, or just watching
the pond, has given way to movies and a few inside projects.

Some folks like to bring in some green during the Winter.
Janie is one of them. She has hung and wrapped pine looking
deco under the shelves we have over our picture windows.

These little rusty stars are nice for the Christmas season.
Janie hung them with strips of cloth from the "rods" I cut
and secured at the top of the picture windows.

Here's the way she's finished it, with the tree branch, greenery
and stars all together. I like her country style.

DE lives in Califorina and is schooling in photography.
Last week she visited a ghost town named Calico and discovered
that the "Lanes" were a predoninant family in the town.
She is missed.

DC has taken to making jewelry and has had much success!
This piece below is one of her's. She makes earrings and every
sort of bangle. All pieces are made by hand, can you amagine
the hours it takes to put this together? She had an open-house
last week and sold lots of stuff. DC tends to take after her mother.

Oh, and Stetson says "Hay"